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No, Eric Decker Missing Practice Isn't a Big Deal

Doug Pensinger

Eric Decker missed OTA's today. He was a presenter at the CMT Awards with his wife, signer Jessie James. Predictably we have heard some chatter about Decker's priorities. It's fun to create a controversy when not much is going on.

The Jets were fine with Decker missing today. Rex Ryan said as much in public. If the Jets had a deep opposition, does anybody think Decker would not have been there? They didn't, though, because one missed practice in June isn't the end isn't a big deal for somebody with Decker's proven track record.

I'm not saying anybody should have sympathy for football players making millions of dollars. It is easy to forget, though, there is some sacrifice involved. During the season the game is all-consuming. Families don't get the time they deserve. If Decker can find some time with his wife before the craziness begins, there's nothing wrong with that. It's not like he's a rookie who needs to prove himself. I get he's on a new team with new teammates, but he's also learned systems and how to play with new teammates in the past. One practice won't sink him.