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Jace Amaro Struggling to Learn Jets Offense?

Rich Schultz

One of the big stories from OTA's today was the rough day rookie Jace Amaro had.

"I think just over-thinking all the plays," he said. "They call the plays so quickly, and then lining up and thinking about what I need to do. Before the snap, you only have a couple seconds to do that. I think once I get everything down and once it starts clicking, it’s going to be a lot more simple for me, and I can just know (that) I’ve just got to get open on this play, or I’ve got this guy (in blocking). Right now, I’m just having a little trouble in that area, just getting lined up in the correct spot and making sure I know what to do, especially. That kind of draws off a little bit of your game if you’re just thinking a little bit too much."

This happens in OTA's, and it's by design. Teams intentionally throw too much at rookies. They want to get these guys used to adversity, and they want to see how much will stick in a short period. It might be rough now, but this is the kind of thing that can help make Amaro better in the long haul.

I don't think anybody expected him to have the offense down by this point or anything close to that.