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Dimitri Patterson Talks About Overcoming Obstacles

Chris Trotman

Darryl Slater has some comments from Dimitri Patterson who has dealt with adversity in his career and now has a chance to make an impact with the Jets.

Patterson didn’t start until his sixth season, when he started nine games for the Eagles. He started five in Cleveland from 2011-12 and six with the Dolphins from 2012-13. An ankle injury limited him to nine games played in 2012 and a groin injury limited him to six games last year, with four starts. He said he feels good physically, but understands he must prove he can remain consistently healthy at this stage of his career.

“If I didn’t experience an injury last year, I probably would’ve had the best year of my career,” said Patterson, whom the Dolphins cut in the offseason.

The lack of proven depth at cornerback gives players like Patterson a golden opportunity to make an impact. The Jets were in a similar situation last year at nose tackle, and Damon Harrison stepped up in a big way. They were in that position at wide receiver also and nobody stepped up.

We are about to find out how good Patterson really is. There will be every chance for him to prove himself.