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Pick Seven: The Winners

We have a three way tie for GGN's draftnik of the year.

Rich Schultz

Before the draft we ran a little game called Pick Seven here at GGN.  The game was simple.  List seven players the New York Jets would take in the 2014 NFL draft.   One bonus point for each Day Three (4th round or later) pick you got right.

The results of this game were interesting.   One thing they showed was just how difficult it is to get even one or two names right in your predictions.  Out of more than 60 entries, including many of our most draft knowledgeable GGNers, not a single entrant got more than two names right.  Although as creator of the game I wasn't a participant, I did post my own draft predictions article, and I was no better than anyone else here, correctly identifying Pryor and McDougle, and whiffing on everything else.  Interestingly, the one pick that was correctly chosen more than any other was a 6th round selection, Tajh Boyd.  About 15% of the entrants correctly chose Boyd.

The selection of Boyd set up entrants for a potential win, as correctly identifying picks from rounds four through seven earned a bonus point.  Only 12 entrants even earned two points.  Of those, only three earned three points by correctly choosing two draft picks, including a Day Three pick.  Those three are our 2014 Pick Seven co-champions.  YoungStuna chose Jace Amaro and Dakota Dozier.  Peter Griffin and Maximilian Lawrence chose Amaro and Boyd.   These are our three co-champions of the inaugural GGN Pick Seven contest, and they each win bragging rights as GGN's best draftniks for a year, along with a year's supply of Smackdad's dumbest jokes, free of charge.  Maximilian, Peter and Tuna, congratulations, and take a bow.