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Jets Depth: Wide Receiver

Ron Antonelli

Our next Jets depth question moves to the receiver spot.

Can the third wide receiver step up and start in the two-WR packages if a starter went down?

For the Jets' purposes, this might be the wrong question. Technically the third receiver is slot guy Jeremy Kerley. The way the offense is currently constructed, he is probably going to have to step up and play a bigger role than the nominal number two receiver.

The real question for the Jets is whether anybody can step up and produce opposite Eric Decker. We know at this point that David Nelson is probably not going to be more than a mediocre stopgap. Can a young guy step up and claim the role? The answer ranges from unlikely (Shaquelle Evans) to very unlikely (Stephen Hill, Quincy Enunwa). The Jets need somebody to unexpectedly emerge or make some kind of signing or trade between now and the start of the year for the wide receiver position have have good depth.