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Jets Depth: Tight End

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Our next question about Jets depth focuses on a position where the Jets invested an early Draft pick.

Is there a good second tight end on the roster?

I'm a no here. It's not about Jace Amaro. I know people are going to disagree, but I think Jeff Cumberland has become overrated in some quarters. If you can get him isolated on a linebacker on a seam route, he can use his size and speed to be reasonably effective. I don't think there are many other areas where he is capable. He doesn't read coverages particularly well. He isn't a good route runner and too frequently does not take his routes the proper distance. He isn't good out of his breaks, not usual for a man of his size. He also is a bad blocker and not the red zone force his size would suggest.

Cumberland has become a guy who can give the Jets 25-30 catches and 300-400 yards in a season. A tight end with that type of production can be a useful player provided he brings a ton of value as a blocker. Cumberland doesn't. You can live with him as your fifth or sixth option as the Jets will this year, but nobody is having nightmares at the thought of facing Cumberland paired with Amaro.