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Do You Watch the Preseason?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, I like to go to a preseason game or two. The atmosphere is extremely casual, and most people leave before the game is over. Very few people know the names of who is playing. That said, I always watch for two reasons. The first is that I want to see how the starters look. I'm not watching to see if they score touchdowns, but instead I'm looking at their chemistry. Can Geno Smith get the ball to Eric Decker? If he can't, why? Was it a timing issue, or can Decker just not get open?

My second reason is to see the backups. I'm not interested in the fringe players, the camp cuts. A lot of people are. I'm looking at the people that are almost certainly going to make the roster, but in a minor role. How does Shaq Evans look? Is Ellis Lankster really developing as much as the beat reporters say?

I do watch the preseason, but I'm not interested in the game itself as much as how the individual players look. What about you?