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Jets Depth: Running Back

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

We continue to answer relevant questions about the Jets' depth by taking a look at the running back position.

Is there a quality second running back that can deliver a 100-yard rushing day if he had to start?

On this question my answer is yes without a lot of hesitation. The addition of Chris Johnson adds insurance for Chris Ivory in case of injury. Johnson is nowhere near the player he was during his 2,000 yard season. His days of being an explosive homerun threat are largely over. He still can probably be effective, though. A reduced workload will likely serve him well if he ever does need to step into a more prominent role for a game or two. Over a short stretch, he could probably do well as a three down back. The wear and tear on the 28 year old is a concern, but he is a guy who has never not had a 1,000 yard season. That is good for a number two back.

Bilal Powell and Daryl Richardson are also not bad options for the number three back spot if things ever came to that.

I think the Jets have left themselves thin in many areas, but one of the positions where they seem to be in reasonably good shape is running back.