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What is the Second Best Game in Franchise History?


The greatest game in New York Jets history was Super Bowl III. This is as axiomatic of a fact as you get. It's almost inarguably the greatest upset in football history, was critical to creation of the modern day National Football League, and is the team's lone Super Bowl victory. If you disagree, you are wrong.

However, what isn't so clear is the second best game in franchise history. I think two arguments could be made. The Monday Night Miracle against the Miami Dolphins, and the 2011 AFC Divisional Game against the New England Patriots. There are of course other great wins in team history, but I think these two are at the top.

The Monday Night Miracle was the biggest comeback in Monday Night Football history. The team was down 30-7 going into the fourth quarter, and scored 30 points in the fourth quarter and added a field goal in overtime to win. With the exception of Arnold Schwarzenegger, almost everybody thought the game was over headed into the fourth quarter. There's a lot to remember from this game, including Wayne Chrebet tying the game at 30 a piece and Jumbo Elliot tying it again to force overtime after the Dolphins scored late.

In the 2011 AFC Divisional Game, the Patriots came in as heavy favorites. The Jets were heavy underdogs, expected to lose by nine points, with few experts picking them to win. This, I suppose, wasn't particularly surprising after the earlier 45-3 thrashing the Patriots gave the Jets. It was an incredibly satisfying game with a number of fantastic plays, including Braylon Edwards dragging two defenders into the endzone (before doing a backflip after the win was sealed), Jerricho Cotchery with a monster play up the sideline right after the Patriots scored, Santonio Holmes managing one of his incredible corner of the endzone catches, and Rex Ryan running down the sideline to celebrate with Shonn Greene after he put the Patriots to sleep. Of course, the most memorable moment has to be Bart Scott's infamous "Can't Wait" speech.

What do you think? What is the second best win in franchise history?