What if Football was Futbol?

When I'm watching the US compete in the World Cup, it annoys me a little bit that none of our top athletes play the sport. And it got me thinking... what if football wasn't football in this country? What if football was futbol? What if soccer was our nations passion? What if that was the sport we couldn't get enough of and whose heroes our kids grew up emulating? What if our best athletes played futbol instead, and our society encouraged it?

What current NFL players do you think would have been top futbol players if they grew up immersed in the sport and saw it as a way to glory?

In my opinion, your looking for guys that display the top end speed along with the quickness to get up to speed quickly. You have to figure the guys that are can do that smoothly and deftly would translate well to soccer. Plus the guys naturally would have size and would likely be very intimidating presences alongside soccer players. I get that guys would be doing a lot less weight lifting, but that would probably only make these guys faster when you think about it. And a lot of these dudes are over 6 feet tall, they'd still make most soccer players look very small next to them.

My top 5:

1) Adrian Peterson -- his start to stop speed, his top end speed, his power... he would have been a phenomenal futbol player.

2) Patrick Peterson -- same as Adrian, his freakish size, speed and ability to change directions makes him a lock too.

3) AJ Green -- 6-4, 208, absolutely explosive out of his breaks, excellent body control.

4) Lesean McCoy -- dude's quickness in tight spaces is off the charts. Stopt to start, he's my guy.

5) Desean Jackson -- still will blow the top off of defenses. And he has controlled speed. He's the kind of guy that can blow by you and then settle in quickly with the ball as you try to catch up and recover.

Honorable mention: Jimmy Graham in goal.

Who's your top 5 Futbol players?

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