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Geno Can Seal Vick's Legacy With A Championship

Michael Vick has come in and said all the right things. Now he's talking Championships

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not a massive fan of talking about Championships before we've even taken a pre-season snap but I have no problem with players having confidence. Michael Vick has been saying all the right things in New York, ensuring that the Quarterback competition is played out in the right way and he's taking it one step further with his claim that Geno Smith can get him the Championship that will cement hislegacy as a football player:

"Me winning a Super Bowl, even if it's not me behind the center," said Vick, describing the ultimate end to his playing days. "If I can walk away from this game with a ring, I'll be so thankful, because I've never won a championship at none of the levels that I've played on. Almost had one in college. I want a ring.

"I think it can happen this year," he continued. "I think Geno [Smith] can take us where we need to go. It'll seal my legacy -- for me, myself. For the public, I don't know."

Every single Jets fan will be hoping that Vick is right and Geno can make the leap to the next level. If Geno steps up to Championship level in year two, there will be a lot of excitement around the franchise, rightfully so. However I'm not ready to say that Geno will be able to make that leap. Having some new and exciting wide receivers to work with will certainly help him, and the introduction of Jace Amaro to the receiving core from the TE position will be a safety blanket that Geno didn't have last year. However if he can't make the jump and he continues to struggle, Vick still thinks he has what it takes to help teams win football games:

"I think it's still realistic," he said. "You got guys like Peyton [Manning] and [Tom] Brady and Drew [Brees], all 36, 37, 38 years old and still playing. Times have changed. It's all about taking care of your body. ... I still feel like I can move as fast -- not as fast as I could a long time ago, but enough to get away. With that, I can help a football team win games. I can help our football team win games."