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Dakota Dozier Discusses His Move to Guard

Rich Schultz

Darryl Slater has some comments from Jets fourth round pick Dakota Dozier who is making the transition from tackle to guard as he enters the NFL.

“Just trying to get away from some of the tackle tendencies I had,” he said. “I used a little one-armed stuff (when blocking) out at tackle. Now I’m trying to focus mainly on the two-hand punch. That’s really been the biggest hurdle for me so far. But each day I’m improving.”

Dozier said he enjoys playing guard, because of the position’s physical nature.

“I liked (to face) the bull rush when I got it (while playing tackle),” he said. “The contact is quicker (at guard). It’s being nasty, and I think that’s what all linemen should be.”

One thing that might help is having Willie Colon to lean upon, a veteran who made a similar transition just a few years ago and understands his role.