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Rex Ryan Lays Waste to Mike Pettine


When Mike Pettine left the New York Jets for the Buffalo Bills, there were reports that he didn't leave on exactly the best of terms with Rex Ryan. The accepted rationale was that Pettine was Manish Mehta's source and the leak in the organization.

Earlier today, Pettine stated that the New England Patriots had copies of the Jets' playbook. This naturally caused a bit of a stir, as Pettine was essentially accusing Bill Belichick of cheating (again). Pettine blamed Ryan for this, stating that he gave out copies of the playbook like candy, for example to University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Belichick, for his part, deflected and told reporters to go ask Pettine about it if they wanted to know.

Then, Ryan went off on Pettine when asked about it after today's practice and completely ethered him: