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Geno Smith Goes Into Training Camp "Winning" the QB Battle

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There have been a number of reports that say Geno Smith is far more comfortable and in command of the offense throughout the organized team activities and mandatory mini-camp practices. Smith has been, on the whole, much more accurate, decisive, and generally speaking, better, than he was at any point last season. We've heard from several teammates that he's taking over the team as its leader.

However, as the pads come on in training camp, we'll see if Smith continues to make strides. For now though, he seems to be winning the battle against Michael Vick.

As we've stated, Smith appears to be the presumed starter unless he falters and Vick is simply better. That hasn't been the case. While Vick has oscillated between "good" and "awful," Smith seems to be consistently better this offseason, with a few minor hiccups. That's the read I'm getting on the situation, from hearing what his teammates and the beat reporters have had to say. With Smith getting the bulk of the reps in training camp, let's see if he can continue this streak of good news.