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Dexter McDougle Signs

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It was a mere formality, but the Jets have signed third round pick Dexter McDougle.

The 5’10” 195-pound McDougle, the Jets' third-round pick (No. 80 overall) out of Maryland, is participating in the team’s mandatory full-squad minicamp, now wearing a green jersey after wearing a red "hands-off" jersey for most of the offseason due to his shoulder.

“He’s a guy we feel really good about, just a physical guy who can really do a bit of everything,” said head coach Rex Ryan. “He has hands for the interception, he can find it, he can play press, he can play off, he can play outside, he can play inside and he’s not afraid of contact. That was impressive to me. He’s fast enough, he’s physical and he’s a strong guy. We certainly look forward to when he can get rolling out there.”

The Jets now have all of their Draft picks under contract. Not that there was ever a chance McDougle would hold out, but it is good to have that out of the way.