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Jets Haven't Reached Out to Brandon Flowers Per Report

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Walder says the Jets have not inquired about free agent cornerback Brandon Flowers.

My educated guess is we won't see the Jets get involved in the bidding for Flowers. The fact of the matter is a few months ago the Jets had the cap space to land any corner in perhaps the deepest free agent class at the position ever. They chose to sit it out. Flowers is less than an ideal fit for the Jets' system, and just had a bad year when his team switched to a defensive system similar to the one the Jets run. There were better fits available a few months back, and the Jets let each of them pass by.

Like it or not (and I don't), John Idzik seems confident in what the Jets have at cornerback. While things could change, getting involved in a serious way with Flowers would seem like a drastic departure from the way the Jets have operated this offseason.