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The New York Jets Reach Out to Brandon Flowers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Erika Esola, who if you recall was spot on about the visit from Chris Johnson and his salary, has some more information today about the New York Jets:

From speaking to Erika, she's said that the market is obviously much more saturated for Flowers than it was for Johnson, yet the team remains a front runner at this point in time. They have the cap space and the positional need, so there's obviously a fit.

As I said yesterday, the team should seriously look into signing Flowers, and it appears they are. There are many valid concerns about Flowers, whether he can revert to his top form, and whether he can survive in Rex Ryan's scheme. However, he would still be far and away the best cornerback on the roster, and I trust that Ryan can adapt his scheme to fit Flowers' skill set.