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Did Geno Smith Have a Good Practice or a Bad One?


Mike Ehrmann

Today was the last day of organized training activities (OTAs) that was open to the media. Tomorrow is the last OTA session of the offseason. With the media in attendance, I was really hoping to find out how Geno Smith looks. That will have to wait for another day:

These tweets were made within one minute of another, so presumably Hubbuch and Slater were watching the same thing. I suspect the one pass that Smith missed was wildly inaccurate, and Hubbuch is just using hyperbole to drive some narrative he's concocted in his head. Who knows.

That said, we at least have some idea how Smith looks thanks to Chris Lopresti:

So, things look promising. Maybe not perfect, but Smith hardly seems to be as inaccurate as a Storm Trooper, as Hubbuch intimates.

(hat tip to @EWhaley95 for pointing out the contradiction in tweets)