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Introducing the New York Jets 4x100 Track Team

Ron Antonelli

To borrow a concept, I thought it would be fun to look at the fastest members of the New York Jets based upon their 40-yard dash times. Many of these guys actually ran track, and I could probably find out their times, but they're all years out of date and not everyone on the team has them. In contrast, almost everyone has a 40-yard dash time. Here are the eleven (because of tie) fastest members of the team, according to their 40-yard dash times:

Name Time
Chris Johnson 4.24
Jacoby Ford 4.28
Jeremy Reeves 4.29
Saalim Hakim 4.31
Michael Vick 4.33
Dimitri Patterson 4.35
Stephen Hill 4.36
Clyde Gates 4.37
Dee Milliner 4.37
Ras-I Dowling 4.40
Shaq Evans 4.40

As you can imagine, Chris Johnson and Michael Vick have slowed down some since they were officially timed due to age. That said, Vick dusted LeSean McCoy by several yards just last year, so who knows.

In any case, I would imagine the combo of Johnson, Ford, Reeves, and Hakim is one of the fastest in the league. Johnson holds the record for the fastest timed 40-yard dash since they've been electronically recording them, and Ford is tied for eighth fastest, so they automatically have a big head start opposed to most teams. Obviously, speed is something being considered here, as the team acquires new players under the John Idzik regime.

If we prorated these times out to 100 yards, we get a combined time of 42.8 seconds between the four. Obviously there are a number of things wrong here, like that the 4x100 is in meters and not yards (close enough for these purposes, I say), they'll slow down over the remaining 60 meters, they wouldn't be wearing cleats, it would be on a track, not turf, etc. To which I say, you're going to have to learn to live with disappointment, and it's close enough for the "this is a fun idea" purposes I'm doing this for. The current men's World Record 4x100 time is 36.84 seconds, and the women's record is 40.82 seconds, so our team is losing no matter what in our fictional race.