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IK Enemkpali's On Field Philosophy

Rich Schultz

Charlie Frankel of the Jets' official website, caught up with sixth round pick IK Enemkpali. The defender discussed his approach.

Those small wins will occur, but not by sheer luck. It will take heart, determination and skill. It will take playing like a Jet — a phrase that to Enemkpali means playing "fast, wide open and physical."

"Even if you make mistakes, you have to make mistakes at 100 miles per hour," he explained.

Of course, to move at top speed on the practice field, Enemkpali must be comfortable and confident in the defensive plays. This in itself will not be easy.

The word that comes to mind when I watch Enemkpali play is 'violent.' I get the feeling Rex Ryan had a lot to do with this pick. Describing his mistakes as ones made at 100 miles per hour sounds like the kind of thing Rex loves.

Will he make the roster? I have no idea. I couldn't really tell you about any of these sixth round picks. In some ways I do like the fact the Jets held onto all of their picks this year. These late picks are like lottery tickets. The more you have, the more apt you are to hit.