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Dexter McDougle Pick Approval Rating

Rob Carr

Well at least I loved the first two picks the Jets made. Dexter McDougle has the potential to become a nice role player in the NFL. I think the third down is way too early for him.

I could see him developing into a useful piece. He might become a versatile ballhawk type who can line up at safety in the slot and on the outside in a pinch. I think his ceiling is as a replacement for Kyle Wilson. This pick might well prove to be the beginning of the end for Wilson in New York. The third just feels too early for a player like this.

There were quality receiver prospects on the board here. If I'm going to reach a bit for an ancillary piece it's for Dri Archer to add a homerun hitter and another offensive weapon. In the fifth or sixth round I'm good with this pick. Not so much here.