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Dexter McDougle: A Maryland Perspective


Are you wondering about Jets third round pick Dexter McDougle? SB Nation's Testudo Times,  our network's Maryland blog, has a retrospective on him.

Unfortunately for McDougle, he did not have the chance to show his ability in its entirety in his final eligible season, and his draft "stock" took a hit. There is enough to watch on tape, however, to see that Dexter McDougle is an NFL corner. The smooth hips and ability to jump the passing lane has long been an ability of McDougle's, but he started to display that consistently early in the 2013 season. With an ability to tackle and play the ball in the air, McDougle is the type of prospect teams will target to stash away for the future.

While McDougle only played three games last season, the one thing you like to see in a prospect is progression. McDougle certainly got better with each season at Maryland, and the sky appears to be the limit. McDougle isn't the biggest corner, but he plays like one with his compact size and athletic ability to make up for misplayed balls. If McDougle doesn't miss the majority of his senior season, he is a second round pick. With him missing so much time due to injury, McDougle will likely fall into the 5th-6th round range, and a team may have found a diamond in the rough.

The last sentence sums up my thoughts. I like McDougle at some point in the Draft. That point is on day three. The third round is too early for me.

I'm still thrilled with the first two picks so I'm not too upset about this one. There were a lot of players I liked better in this spot, though.

At any rate, click the link to learn more about the newest Jet.