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New York Jets: Nice Offense Starting to Emerge

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Last year I'm not sure you can blame all of Geno Smith's troubles as a rookie on his supporting cast. With that said, I think a lot of veterans would have struggled with the lack of supporting talent, let alone a rookie. There were only two skill players, Chris Ivory and Jeremy Kerley who had any business seeing regular playing time in the NFL.

The selection of Jace Amaro cements a vastly improved offense after the additions of Eric Decker and Chris Johnson. The Jets are now building a talented group of playmakers around their quarterback. I wasn't sure Decker was enough to add at a receiving position. Teams can focus on taking him away and fearlessly match up one on one with everybody else.

That just changed. Jace Amaro is a dynamic weapon, a rare blend of size and speed. You can split him wide. You can stick him in the slot. You can put him in-line. You can have him out of the backfield. You can pick a mismatch. The Jets can start to make this offense really exciting if they can find another talented receiver to add to this mix in the third or fourth round.

Add a rapidly improving offense to a Rex Ryan defense, and I'm starting to get excited about this football team.