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Calvin Pryor: What We Said Before the Jets Took Him

Andy Lyons

Let's take a look back at David Wyatt's GGN Draft profile of Jets first round pick Calvin Pryor.


I really like Pryor for his physical nature. He's a fantastic run defender and has the range to cover a lot of ground in zone-coverage. The angle issue is something that I really don't like, leaving a backfield exposed and losing any advantage by taking poor angles is infuriating. However his willingness to put it all on the line and leave everything out on the field separates him from another Louisville safety we used to have (Rhodes).

Would I draft him for the Jets

I have a lot of faith in our defensive coaches, so I would absolutely draft Pryor in the first round if we believed he was the guy. He has a lot to like about his game and his physical nature may rub-off on the rest of our defensive back-field. I don't think we will select him, but I have no problem in taking him.
You can click here to read David's entire breakdown of the newest Jet.