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Calvin Pryor Jets Pick Approval Poll

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a simple question. Do you approve of the Jets taking Louisville's Calvin Pryor with the 18th pick?

It it was up to me, I probably would have gone with one of the quarterbacks or Brandin Cooks. Am I upset the Jets went with Pryor, though. If you have been following my half-decade long rant about the lack of athleticism the Jets have had at the safety position, you probably have a good guess.

I like Rex Ryan in general. As a defensive coach, I think he is brilliant. I have always felt like one of his blindspots was at safety, though. He didn't put enough value on playmaking at the position while his defense is built upon giving safeties a chance to make big plays.

I liked Pryor as a prospect. I really like the fit of his skillset in this system. This pick has my approval. Does it have yours?