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New York Jets: Don't Be Bummed About Going Defense Again

Andy Lyons

I understand a lot of Jets fans are going to be blue about taking a defensive player. The offensive skill positions have been painful to watch the last few years. Even with an infusion of talent in free agency, the situation is lacking. Why didn't the Jets go offense?

The Draft isn't just about the 2014 season. The most important job of the first round is to find an impact player for the next eight to ten years. And keep in mind this is a very deep Draft on the offensive side of the ball. There will be plenty of time to add impact there in later rounds.

Safety was a pretty glaring need anyway. The secondary was probably a bigger need than the receiver position at this point. It had not been upgraded at all during the offseason. Now the Jets have potentially upgraded with a player who profiles as a really nice fit in a Rex Ryan defense.