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Draft Rumours: Jets Looking at QB's Early

Here we are with another rumour to keep you entertained for the next couple of hours

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport has an interesting little note this afternoon regarding the Jets and QB's

File this under due diligence. Will the Jets select a quarterback early in the 2014 NFL draft? quite possibly. However I would still consider it a long shot, unless there is real value to be found.

Geno Smith had a tough first year, there is no shying away from that. However he had one of the worst supporting casts in football and he showed enough to warrant getting a shot with some viable weapons.

Saying that, if the Jets are sold on a QB and he's available at a good price, they owe it to themselves to explore the option. Geno hasn't done enough to solidify our faith in him without question.

I personally like Garoppolo, and could be on board with Carr if the organization really believed in him. However I can't say I'd be delighted with us going with a quarterback before the 3rd round, 4th if possible. That's just me, what do you guys think?