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Draft Rumours: Trading Up A Real Possibility

It's draft day, which means the rumour mill is going wild. I've seen a ton of Jets related content today, most of it probably utter rubbish. However lets take a look at one right here:

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

First of all lets dive into the information:

How reliable is this?

These guys won't just make this up, they will have received this information from someone connected to the organization. However was this information planted by the organization or is this a real scoop? Who knows, but it's always worth considering.

What do I think?

It all comes down to how the draft board falls. If after the 10th pick there is a prospect the Jets have as one of their elite guys on the board, then I'm not surprised if they have already held discussions with the Titans about trading up. However as with anything in the draft, it depends on how the board falls.

Who Could They Be Targeting?

A number of players. Really it could be Cooks, they could be obsessed with him and they know someone between 11-17 want him. It could be Ebron, a player few expect to still be there at 18. What is Mack falls? It's unlikely but they need to have a plan in place. Maybe the run at corners starts early and they really want Dennard, a perfect fit for this defense.

Is it Worth It?

Again, this depends on who they are targeting. We have 12 selections in this draft, on one hand that's great, this draft has depth. On the other, having 12 selections allows you to move up and have flexibility if you think you can nab an elite talent. However we have three 4th round selections. So if we have to lose two of them and a third to move up and get someone like Mack....I'd do it.