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Cooks: Jets May Have To Move Up To Get Me

Mike Mayock today predicted Cooks to the Jets, the confident Oregon State receiver believes the Jets may need to move up to select him.


There has been a lot of noise recently in relation to the Jets selecting Oregon State receiver and 2013 Biletnikoff award winner Brandin Cooks, however he has been given the impression by some franchises that he may be selected in the top 15:

Of course . . . that's a definite possibility,'' Cooks said yesterday of not lasting until the 18th pick. "That's why I say it's not safe to say [the Jets] won't have to move up."

"I don't pay attention [to NFL pundits], but as far as the Jets don't need to move up, I don't think that's a safe thing to say,'' Cooks said. "Having conversations with other teams, we'll see how we go about that. But everyone around here has their own opinion.''

"We had talks, yes,'' Cooks said of the Jets. "And I know how interested they are. But as far as whether I'm going to say it on camera, that's not for me to say. I'll keep that between my agent and I and the New York Jets.''

This goes hand-in-hand with John's article last night about not wanting to trade up for a pass catcher. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Cooks was selected in the top 15, he has a skill-set that many NFL teams will covet. However as much as I like Cooks, and I really do, I'm with John, I wouldn't move up to take a pass catcher in this draft.

Anyway you look at it, Brandin Cooks seems to be getting a lot of attention right now. Is it smokescreens? is it reality, we'll find out in just a few hours time.