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2014 NFL Draft: Head Scratching Risers and Fallers

Andy Lyons

During the last few weeks of the Draft process, there always seem to be some players whose stock shoots up the board, and others whose plummets. Sometimes these leave us scratching our respective heads. Who are your head-scratching risers and fallers on the eve of the 2014 Draft? Below are mine.

Riser: Odell Beckham, Jr.

I think Beckham is a decent prospect. In a scenario where everything clicks, he can be a nice complementary piece. I think things are getting a little out of hand with his rise, though. I never viewed him as a great option at 18. I don't think he's close to being one of the top 18 players in the Draft. Now there's talk the Jets might have to move as high the top ten to get him. For a guy who arguably wasn't the best receiver on his own team? For a guy who wasn't even first team all conference? For a guy who doesn't have size? For a guy who has decent speed but doesn't have that ridiculous burner gear? I know many of you love him. I like him at a certain spot. That spot is not near 18.

Faller: Teddy Bridgewater

So he has one bad workout wearing shorts, and suddenly three years of film goes out the window? He's got all of the physical tools to succeed. I haven't heard anything glaringly wrong off the field. His production was superb. He was above average throwing to almost every zone. If you followed the NFL nine years ago, I'm getting similar vibes to Aaron Rodgers' inexplicable drop on Draft day. If Bridgewater falls as far as some are expecting, I think some team is getting a steal.

Who are your inexplicable risers and fallers?