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Jets Trade Up Rumors Persist


Over the past few days, buzz has been building that the Jets might be interested in moving up during tomorrow night's first round of the NFL Draft. Manish Mehta is now hearing the rumors.

He should make bold moves during the three-day draft to position the Jets for a playoff run in 2014 and beyond. After Idzik used only about 47% of his available salary-cap space this offseason (excluding the projected rookie pool amount), he must be aggressive this week to fill a few glaring holes on Rex Ryan’s team. To that end, the Jets have told teams that they’re interested in trading up in the first round, according to a source.

Again, I'm not sure this is necessarily as news-worthy as it would appear on the surface. This is the time where teams reach out to gauge what it would take to move up if the board falls a certain way. Maybe a player the team loves unexpectedly falls, or the board means a player who was supposed to fall will not. There is always a certain price where a team would move up. It probably would be bigger news if the Jets were not reaching out to other teams at this point.