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Beckham, Ebron Gone By The Time The Jets Pick

Draft week is rumour week, where you listen to everything but believe nothing.

Jared Wickerham

At this stage in the draft process, teams are throwing out all kinds of smoke screens, bluffing, double-bluffing and on occasions telling the truth in the hope that other teams think they are bluffing. So anything you read this week, please take with a pinch of salt. Most of this information is being fed to the media for a reason.

However if the rumours are to be believed, the Jets won't have a chance to select LSU receiver Beckham Jr, or North Carolina TE Ebron, because both players will be off the board. If you believe Rich Cimini and Tony Pauline:

It wouldn't surprise me if come selection #18 on Thursday night, neither of these players are available. However it also wouldn't surprise me all that much if both players were available. There is so much talent in this draft, as long as we draft smart, we'll be coming away with an excellent prospect in the first round.