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Behind the Curtains: Who Helps Build the New York Jets?

Behind the scenes, there are dozens of employees of the New York Jets that you'll never hear about. These aren't the big names like John Idzik, but other men and women vitally important to helping the team succeed. Some of them secure sponsors, others sell season tickets, others are in charge of merchandising. Listing all of their names would be unwieldy and unhelpful, so I encourage you to take a look at their names and what they do for the organization. They're important parts of building the team and creating the football experience, so they deserve their day in the sun. Here are some names that I think are especially important for the average fan to know about:

Woody Johnson Chairman & CEO
Neil Glat President
John Idzik General Manager
Brian Friedman Chief Financial Officer
Robert Mastroddi VP, Security & Facility Operations
Rod Graves Senior Director, Football Administration
Brendan Prophett Director, Pro Personnel
Matt Bazirgan Personnel Scout
Terry Bradway Senior Director, College Scouting
Jeff Bauer Director, College Scouting
David Boller College Area Scout
Rick Courtright College Area Scout
Aaron Glenn College Area Scout
David Hinson College Area Scout
Cole Hufnagel College Area Scout
Jay Mandolesi College Area Scout
Christopher Prescott College Area Scout
Dan Zbojovsky Coordinator, College Scouting
Dr. Kenneth Montgomery Head Team Physician
John Mellody Head Athletic Trainer
Dave Szott Director, Player Development

Some of these people you've likely heard of, including Johnson, Glat, Idzik, Graves, and Bradway. Others are probably new names to you. Friedman runs the financial operations of the organization... not in a salary cap football sense, but for the organization as a whole. Mastroddi is in charge of security, which means he's the guy running background checks on players and ensuring the team can take calculated risks on troubled players.

Of the remaining people, Prophett and Bauer probably have the most influence, despite being known to almost nobody outside the National Football League. Pro Personnel and College Scouting are obviously the two sources of player acquisition, so their importance can't be understated.

I encourage you to take a look at the Media Guide above and check out their credentials, along with the other unsung heroes of the team. They don't take the field on Sundays, but they're incredibly important to making sure the team even gets to the field.