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Charles Ross, Sledgehammer

This is Charles Ross; this is pain.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a name at running back I'll bet many of you have never heard of: Charles Ross out of Rice University.  Well, no matter, you don't need to know his name.  Just call him the Sledgehammer.  You may not know him, but he'll be happy to introduce you to a world of pain.  This guy is 230+ pounds of nasty.  He has legs like tree trunks, and he keeps 'em churning.  He'll hit you, and hit you and hit you some more, and when you've had about enough, he'll run you over on his way to paydirt.  There's nothing subtle about his game.  He doesn't want to spin pirouettes or dance east to west or break your ankles with a juke.  Nope, that's not Ross.  He'd just as soon break your will while he imposes his own with 230 pounds of hurt.

Now, don't get me wrong.  Charles can run.  He's been timed in the mid 4.5's in the 40, and he has nimble feet for a big back.  He can make you miss if he wants to.  He just doesn't want to much.  He likes contact. He craves contact.  He enjoys flattening you.  Ross won't make you miss; he'll make you cry.  And then he'll smack you in the mouth for even thinking you can tackle him.

OK, maybe that's a little hyperbole.  But watch the tape.  Watch single tacklers take him high, and watch him drive them back five yards, legs churning.  Watch him when he smells the end zone, and drags multiple tacklers to the goal line.  Watch him throw a pass... well, on second thought, don't watch that play.  It isn't pretty.

Anyway, a 6' 1", 230 lb back who's a load to bring down, runs low behind his pads, is patient setting up his blocks, has nimble feet in traffic, and runs a 4.55ish 40?  A back who ran for nearly 1300 yards, a 6.1 yards per carry average and 15 TDs his senior year?  A back who smells the goal line and finishes like nobody's business?  What's not to like?  And why is nobody on the planet thinking this guy will get drafted?  Why does CBS Sports have him ranked in the 600's in this year's draft class?  I have no idea.  But if he manages to avoid getting drafted, I'm personally on the phone the second the draft ends, offering him a contract.  At worst he can be my goal line back. At best he can be a punishing, close the deal, get out of his way or he'll seriously hurt you back to run out the clock when you have a lead.

Take a look, see what you think.  Pay special attention to the plays at 3:22, slamming a would be tackler into the end zone, 3:45 dragging tacklers to a first down, 4:55, slamming tacklers into the end zone, 5:38 dragging multiple tacklers for a first down, 6:00, imposing his will, won't be denied, get out of his way or get pummeled, because he WILL get this first down, and at 7:10 watch him pour salt in the wounds, showing off nimble feet on the way to the end zone as if to say, see, I CAN make you miss, I just choose not to.

Take a look, watch the Sledgehammer impose his will, and tell me what you think.  Do you want this guy on the Jets?  (Hint: the correct answer is, Hell Yeah!)