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Jets Hire Two New Scouts

Patrick McDermott

The Jets announced yesterday they have hired Johnathon Stigall and Seth Turner to their scouting department.

Stigall comes to the team from the Cleveland Browns, where he scouted the Midland and Southwest regions for the past four years. Before the Browns he scouted for Philadelphia from 2006-10, Miami from 2000-06 and Chicago from 1999-2000.

Turner arrives from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he spent the previous 13 years. He began in pro personnel in 2000 and then became a college scout the next season. As a college area scout, Turner has handled the Southeast, Midwest and Northwest regions.

These two replace Aaron Glenn, the former Jets player, who left to take a job in the Cleveland Browns organization and David Boller, who was let go by the team.

For whatever it's worth, the Bucs took some pretty talented players from Turner's regions during his tenure with the team, but it's impossible to know exactly how big of a hand he had in that.