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New York Jets: Who Will Break Out?

Wesley Hitt

In the National Football League, you always see players break out that you never expected. For example, last year Damon Harrison went from an undrafted free agent nobody to one of the best nose tackles in the league. Who will be that guy this year?

I think Ras-I Dowling is going to surprise people. In general, the cornerback position is a good bet for the New York Jets this year, I think, because there are a number of physically talented players that will have a chance to show themselves off. With Rex Ryan, their talents will be at full display. The team also has Dexter McDougle and Brandon Dixon, to go along with Dimitri Patterson, Darrin Walls, and Johnny Patrick (who I also think could surprise people). There are a number of good options here, but Dowling to me is intruiging.

First of all, there have been a number of reports that Dowling is looking extremely impressive in the offseason program. Dowling is a former second round pick from the New England Patriots in 2011 that is extremely talented but has struggled to stay healthy. He appears to be healthy now and is reportedly like a blanket on the receivers. Although Patterson is currently slated to start opposite Dee Milliner, I can see Dowling winning a competition in training camp if he manages to stay healthy, and impressing during the regular season.