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Calvin Pryor Limited at OTA's With Wisdom Tooth Pain

Rich Schultz

Jets safety Calvin Pryor couldn't participate fully at OTA's with wisdom tooth pain that will lead to surgery.

Pryor expects to have the teeth removed by the end of this week. In the meantime, he has been unable to fully participate in either of the Jets’ two organized team activities practices, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Jets’ next OTA date is Friday, followed by next week’s sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

With rookies every chance to get them on the field and acquainted with the playbook and teammates matters. It probably will not be the difference in the entire season, but it would have been nice to get Pryor out there at 100% particularly considering he might be taking on major responsibilities from day one.

Mainly, though, I have empathy for the guy. The stuff he is going through makes for a very unpleasant few days ahead. That is not fun.