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What's Wrong with Will Campbell's Arm?

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

In the greatest sleuthing since tattoo-gate, I happened to be staying at the same hotel this past weekend in Atlantic City as Oday Aboushi and Will Campbell. As probably one of the few who can actually recognize the two fringe players (confirmed by Campbell's University of Michigan hat... and Aboushi saying to me, "Yes, I'm Oday."), the first thing I noticed was the hard cast on Campbell's right wrist/forearm (actually it was the second. The first was just how massive they are).

I thought this was odd, since Campbell doesn't have any announced injury. The most likely scenario is that he tweaked something or it was just preventative, and is nothing major. Barring that, he broke his arm or had surgery on a tendon or to repair an old injury. I doubt it's a broken arm since that seems like something the team would announce, so I'm guessing it's either preventative or to repair an old injury, as players tend to do in the offseason.

Because Campbell is a fringe player and not a starter, this really isn't that important to the New York Jets. But as a developmental player, Campbell needs a strong offseason to stay on the roster or even to push for a starting job. He's already at a disadvantage from his switch from the defensive line, and an arm injury would make it even more difficult. This is just something to keep an eye on in the future as we head into training camp.