Chris Johnson: Secret Weapon

Chris Johnson 2013 Highlights (via Pigskin Pause)

2013: 279 rushes for 1077 yards (3.9 per), 6 TDs; 42 rec for 345 yards (8.2 per), 4 TDs.

You look at those stats and you look at those highlights, he's turning 29 in December, and you think to yourself... meh. Dude must be declining. Then you realize he tore his meniscus in week 3. Then you look back at that highlight reel and you think "hmmm, not bad on a torn meniscus." Then you watch a little closer and see him lowering the shoulder and grinding out yards any way he can. Then you realize, "this guy's got heart." A torn ligament in your knee can't feel good. Even if its just a meniscus, I imagine that that ish hurts. And for him to play on it in the NFL... at RB... thats some guts right there.

I think Chris Johnson is gonna bounce back. The knee is going to be much healthier than it was for him last year. He's going to regain some of that burst and pull-away ability. He's got the heart and the guts to train and do what it takes to prove the doubters wrong.

I'm pretty excited about the prospects of a Johnson and Ivory tandem. I think they will both keep each other fresh and healthy, and I think they both compliment each other very well. Which every one is getting the bulk of the carries on a particular day will be setting up the defense to be exploited by the other. I also think that their different skill-sets will make us tougher to prepare for since the game plan to stop one will be completely defunct for dealing with the other.

I think a lot of people fell asleep on Chris Johnson. In 2013 he was playing on a torn knee ligament and was surrounded by no talent to draw attention away from him. In 2014 he won't be any defenses' primary worry. And he'll make them pay for it.

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