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What Is Your Most Memorable Experience at a Jets Game?

Jeff Zelevansky

Have you ever been to a Jets game? What is your biggest memory.

There are three games that really stick out in my memory. The first was in the Rich Kotite 1-15 season. The Jets were playing the Houston Oilers the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was pouring rain all day, but my seats were under cover. This was the game when Neil O'Donnell slipped during a dropback in pregame warmups and suffered a season-ending calf injury. Only the Kotite Jets could lose their starting quarterback for the season in pregame warmups.

Back on Thanksgiving 2012 I was at the Buttfumble game. Sitting in the stands I didn't even realize the magnitude of what had happened. I thought the Jets were just giving the game away. I didn't find out I had witnessed in person what will surely be a staple of NFL blooper reels for decades to come.

Finally on a more positive note, I was at the Week 1 win against the Bucs last year. That was an awesome experience, thinking the game was lost in the last minute until the Jets came back.

What are your most memorable Jets games?