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What Would Make 2014 Successful for the Jets?

Rich Schultz

What do the Jets have to do in order to make 2014 a success?

For me the answer is simple. The team needs to make the Playoffs. The current three year drought is too long. It is the longest the team has had since that brutal Same Old Jets stretch in the 1990's. Four years would be painful in today's NFL. Last year the Jets beat the spread by going 8-8. Now they have had a chance to upgrade the roster as they finally got out from under some bloated contracts. Expectations are raised, and they should be. Maybe they could miss at 10-6 and have the year be a success, but that's about the only way you could talk me out of calling another year without Playoffs a success.

This is the time to build on it. I think 2014 is pretty clearly a Playoffs or bust year for this franchise. What do you think? What is your definition of success for the coming season?