Love, Like, And Just Can't Stand: Quincy Enunwa

I have spent countless hours throughout this entire draft process studying many of the WRs in the 2014 draft class. I watched the players from the big schools like Mike Evans, ODB and Brandin Cooks to even Jimmy Grappolo favorite target Erik Lora. Of course, one of the players that I missed through this process of mine was Quincy Eneuwa. When the Jets selected him I said to myself "who?" I was disappointed a little, because I take pride in not saying "Who?" throughout the draft, but since the draft ended I been watching a bunch of him non stop. Enunwa is 6'2 225 pounds, and just has the look of an NFL Reciever, but having the frame and look, of course doesn't always mean you can play at the NFL level. There are parts to his game that I love, like and just can't stand. So, if you also said "Who?" when the Jets selected him sit, back and get that popcorn ready.


When I finally put on Enunwa's tape the first thing that jumped out at me was the effort he puts in towards blocking. Tons of people underrate how important blocking is from a receiver. Nebraska has an offense that runs a bunch of option and zone read plays. In order for their offense to be successful the receivers on the outside must be able to block. Nebraska has a terrific and quite shifty running back in Ameer Abdullah, who at times makes defenders look like they are on skates, but I hope he took sometime to thank Enunwa and company, because they did a tremendous job in the run game. This first GIF should be in a video to show young receivers how to block, its pure textbook. Enunwa(top of the screen) uses great technique by sealing his block. Then uses his strength to drive his defender away from the ball carrier. In the next GIF he shows pure determination and hustle. Abdullah takes the handoff, and bounces it to the outside. Enunwa is driving his defender the whole way, but what stood out to me was once his initial assignment couldn't make a play, he continues running with Abdullah trying to block the next defender Enunwa didn't give up he displays great hustle. Effort like this shows why his jersey had a C on it.


It seems like when his team is in the red zone, Enunwa turns his game up a notch. Last season he found the endzone 12 times. According to for the past two seasons the Jets have finished 25th and 27th in red zone scoring.(td only) Enunwa down the road could have an impact in this area. Another part of Enunwa game that I like is when going up for a catch he has strong hands. There are times when you need your receiver to make a play, and going up and coming down with 50-50 balls can keep drives alive and give your team some momentum.

I just can't stand.

When it comes to WR my biggest pet peeve is when they try to body catch. It gives me a sense that they are not confident in their hands. Waiting for the ball to come to them, instead of going and getting it just makes me shake my head. One of my favorite WR to watch in today's NFL is Dez Bryant. The reason why I enjoy watching him play so much is because he plays with the mentality that when that ball is the air, there is not a damn player on that field that's going to take it away from him. Watching Enunwa, frustrated me at times, because as I discussed he displays strong hands coming down with jump balls, but there are plenty of times when he will try to body catch. The GIF below shows Nebraska taking a shot deep to Enunwa. I understand the corner did a great job staying with him; and the safety came to help at the end of the play, but my problem with Enunwa is he didn't attack the football he kept his hands low. "Go and get that thang Quincy." The other pet peeve I have is drops, and Enunwa has quite a bit on tape. Drops are momentum, and drive killers. I believe like quite a few do, that if you get your hands on it, you need to come up with it no excuses. Nobody is perfect and drops will happen, but if Enunwa wants to make this team he need to work on it.

Enunwa faces an uphill battle going into camp. Since Idzik took over as the GM he has expressed several times how beneficial it is for the team and players to have competition. The Jets will have several position battles going on through out camp, but the one I am excited for is a WR. Enunwa has some good traits, but he does need work. If he wants to make this roster he needs to live and breath by that prayer that Nebraska recites before every game. " Day by Day, we get better and better, Till we can’t be beat; won’t be beat."

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