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Muhammad Wilkerson Not in PFF's Top 101 Players; Even They Can't Defend It

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The website Pro Football Focus did a ranking of the top 100 players in the NFL to run parallel with NFL Network's series documenting the top 100 players. Although Sheldon Richardson was ranked 81st, second team All Pro Muhammad Wilkerson was left off the list entirely.

Those of you who have read this site likely know my mixed feelings on PFF. They provide some truly innovative stats that provide great insight into the game. At the same time, when they get into the actual analysis business they derive some suspect conclusions.

PFF felt compelled to explain their decision, but it provides very little insight. The majority of the article is spent praising Wilkerson's ability and performance in 2013.

Wilkerson was still an impressive performer and arguably the most consistent source of pass rush on the Jets’ defense. He led the team with 11 sacks, the same total as OLB Calvin Pace and five more than anybody else on the roster. Wilkerson also notched more total pressure than anybody else on the Jets’ defense and was only 11 shy of the combined total from the rest of the team’s defensive lineman.

It seems like even they realize they made a decision that makes no sense.