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Do You Own Season Tickets?

Jeff Zelevansky

This past year, I was interviewing for a job with a man who was a massive New York Jets fan. I have GangGreenNation on my résumé, so naturally we spent half the interview talking about the team. He said that he was a season ticket holder, and I mentioned that once I get a job post-graduation (for those who are not regulars here, I'm a third-year law student), one of the first things that I want to buy are season tickets. He laughed and said that it's probably going to take awhile to be able to afford them since they can be so expensive.

There's a disparity between people who like going to games and those who prefer to watch at home. If you're at the game, you can see the entire field easier, and it's a fun atmosphere (if the Jets are winning), especially for kids. In addition, I would argue there's no better feeling in the world than hearing the crowd scream J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. On the flip side, tickets, parking, food, the required logo emblazoned gear, etc., can add up and get expensive. In addition, replays are limited to what they show on the Jumbotrons and you're always at risk for being surrounded by moron visiting fans (which is what happened to me last year at the Pittsburgh Steelers game). When the Jets are good, like in 2009-2010, season tickets are obviously much more enjoyable. In contrast, at home you can be comfortable, going pantsless is encouraged, and food is cheap. You can watch replays as much as you want, and you don't have to worry about weather.

Maybe it's because I could only go to a few games when I was growing up, and even now I'm only able to make it to one or two per year, but I definitely prefer going to the games when I can. They may be expensive, but I'll still be buying my season tickets when I can afford them. What about you?