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Michael Vick is Jets #1

Vick rubs out the 8.

Tom Pennington

According to an Associated Press articleMichael Vick's days as an 8 are numbered.  Mr. Vick has decided he wants to be the NY Jets' #1 quarterback.

'After trying on the (No.) 8 I decided that it's not the right fit for me,'' Vick wrote. ''I'll be going with the (No.) 1 officially. Thank You.

Fans of the number 8, feel free to weep and gnash your teeth.  Fans of the number 1 (the loneliest number), rejoice and be exceedingly glad.  Before the quarterbacks have even thrown their first passes in righteous competitive anger, Vick has staked his claim to being number 1.  If Geno wins the competition, the Jets will be in an unprecedented situation, with their number 1 quarterback riding the bench on a weekly basis.

Vick will be the seventh player to wear number 1 for the Jets, joining running back Mike Adamle, punters Quigley and Matt Turk, and kickers Dave Jacobs, Brett Conway and Mike Nugent.  For those who find this whole number nonsense exceedingly silly and more than a tad boring, I sympathize.  But it is the offseason, and this is what passes for news these days.  Now carry on with the eleventy bajillionth mock draft posted on this site.  No doubt it is far more fascinating, insightful and truly inspired than the eleventy bajillion minus 1 (there's that number again!) that preceded it.