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Michael Vick Will Wear Number 8 for Jets

Justin K. Aller

Michael Vick has worn the number 7 from his time at Virginia Tech through his NFL tenures with the Falcons and Eagles. Geno Smith wears number 7 for the Jets, forcing Vick to choose a new jersey number. He has selected number 8.

Word of Vick's new number is now on the Jets' website, so there's no turning back. Mark Brunell was the team's most recent player to rock No. 8. His Jets legacy will never be the same.

Something tells me Vick will be slightly more effective of an option for the Jets than Brunell ever was. Brunell was the hand picked option to back up the last quarterback the Jets used an early pick to select, Mark Sanchez. That is pretty much where the comparisons end aside from the fact both are left handed. Vick will force Geno to earn the starting quarterback job in a way Brunell never could with Sanchez.