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Jets Given Over/Under of 7 Wins

Rich Schultz

Dom Cosentino says despite a busy offseason, one Vegas sports book has the Jets losing more games than they did a year ago.

But—and we present this info solely for entertainment purposes—one Vegas oddsmaker still thinks the money will be on the Jets regressing after last year's 8-8 finish.

The sports book at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is out with its over/unders on 2014 NFL team win totals. And the Jets have been pegged at 7.0 wins. That's the third-highest total among the four teams in the AFC East. The Patriots' over/under is at 10.5, while the Dolphins are at 8.0, and the Bills are at 6.5.

What does this mean? Zero. It is simply an indication of what the general public thinks. Games certainly are not played on the Vegas betting board.

What say you? Are you giving the Jets the over or the under? I think I know what most will say. I'm taking the over myself.