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How To Grade An Offseason

Rich Schultz

When people "grade" an offseason, they tend to give it an arbitrary grade, I think. "Yeah, a B just feels right," tends to be the norm. Obviously, it's impossible to exactly quantify an offseason grade like you would a normal grade, and even if you could, the most realistic grades probably won't come for some time in the future when you can see how the moves developed.

That said, I think there are a few categories that should be considered.

  1. Free Agency - positions needed, cost to acquire players, starters vs. depth
  2. Draft - positions needed, positional value, starters vs. depth
  3. Other Transactions (i.e. coaching changes, front office personnel, etc.)

These are obviously the main factors, but obviously they shouldn't be weighted equally. For a team such as the New York Jets, the draft is the most important part. Under Mike Tannenbaum, it could be argued free agency was. For a team in a coaching transition, that's a massive part of it, whereas it's minor for a team that only needs a few new assistants.

I think John Idzik has done well this offseason, in terms of filling needs and bringing in good players such as Eric Decker, Chris Johnson, etc. He's locked up some core players and had a good draft. The one position that's holding him back is cornerback, which he whiffed on, but even that he flooded with talent to let the best man play. It's too soon to tell but this looks like a good offseason, for which Idzik deserves high marks. What do you think?