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Daryl Richardson Acqusition Bad News for Mike Goodson?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Manish Mehta provides some context into the Jets acquisition of Daryl Richardson.

No shock here. Even if you take away the legal issues, Goodson is coming off a serious injury. Even though he tends to get talked up, he also isn't that good. He has one productive year in the league, and that was four seasons ago.

One also might imagine Richardson's presence being bad news for Bilal Powell. It seems unnecessary that the Jets would need four halfbacks. Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson are locks to make the team. Powell might be looking at a battle to keep his roster spot with the Jets heading into the 2014 season assuming nobody gets hurt.

Even though it didn't cost much, we will likely look back at the Goodson signing as one of John Idzik's least successful transactions.