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Rex Ryan: Mike Vick Has The Chance To Start For The Jets

Rex Ryan took part in a 35 minute interview with WFAN's Mike Francesa, he had some things to say about the Quarterback battle.

Joel Auerbach

I love competition, survival of the fittest, the best man wins, and every other Cliché in the book. So in my mind, let these men battle it out and whoever gives us the best chance to win, gets the nod. I don't mind if it is Geno, I don't mind if it is Vick, I don't even mind if it's Boyd, the best man will play.

Obviously the logical side of my brain is telling me to pull for Geno. After all we spent a high draft pick on him, he is young and if he is the answer at the Quarterback position, we can then invest in other areas of the team. If Vick wins and Geno looks dead and buried, then spending a high draft pick on another quarterback in 2015 is a real possibility.

So when asked about the Quarterback competition, Rex gave the following response:

"I'm definitely convinced that we can win with Geno Smith,"

Obviously at this point, the question was posed, Does that mean Smith is the start and Vick is the back-up?

"Oh, no," Ryan said. "Mike Vick definitely has a chance to win the job. There's no doubt about that. Competition, I think, is outstanding for everybody involved in it.

"And it's not just, hey, this is Geno Smith's job. I'm just telling you what I believe to be the truth, which is: This young man [Smith] is going to be hard to beat out. Even as talented a player as Mike Vick is, I think Geno Smith has made that big of strides.

"And again, the proof will be in the pudding when we play this thing out, but that's my confidence in him."

Now we already know that Geno will be starting with the first team. It was confirmed earlier this off-season just after the Michael Vick signing. However the extra snaps Geno gets with the first team is believed to be minimal. I have no problem with Geno getting the snaps to begin with. He is the returning starter, and as such deserves to stay there at the start. If Vick proves he is better than Geno, then the snaps move to Vick. It's quite simple.

I like the way it is being handled and both Geno and Vick are saying all the right things. Let battle commence and may the best man win.